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One Microbusiness that Supports Other Businesses

Some businesses hold a very specialized niche.  One such business, a microbusiness with just one family involved, is Production Packaging Supply.  Owned and operated by US veteran and cancer survivor, Bob Dewar, Production Packaging custom prints packing tape.  When a business wants packaging tape that has the business’ logo and/or tagline printed on it in […]

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Where Does All the Styrofoam Go?

As Marilyn Lauderdale unpacked boxes of furniture parts and assembled the parts into finished furniture at Renton’s IKEA she watched how the cardboard boxes and Styrofoam pieces were processed.  The cardboard was flattened and baled then picked up by a recycling company. She understood how the cardboard could then be recycled into other paper products […]

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From High Tech to Little Movers

With an MBA in Technology Management Elaina Herber worked in IT as a software engineer for 13 years. She focused on information technology and customer service and helped provide solutions to well-known businesses such as AT&T, Qwest Communications, SAP, and Microsoft. Then as a married mother of two she found that children in the Greater […]

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Thanksgiving 2014 in SeaTac Washington

This November we are thankful for so many things. We are especially thankful for family, friends and staff and clients who have become like family and friends to us. Below are some of the happy events that occurred in the lives of Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CeSI) and Northwest Gold Coast clients, staff and their […]

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From Injury to Invention

From an early age Bruce Johnson has always been concerned about the health and welfare of others. As a veteran truck driver with more than 30 years experience in the transportation industry, it was Bruce Johnson’s concern for the health and welfare of others that soon inspired him to start a business aimed at providing […]

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No Time for the Business Plan

“It happens to business owners all the time,” says independent consultant Zev Siegl. “The owner of a growing $500,000 business sees an opportunity to quickly become a $1 million company, but doesn’t have the resources to get there.” What usually happens next, according to Siegl, is the owner figures out how much money she’s going […]

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Marketing with Facebook

We support our clients in the use of Facebook as it is a very popular platform that can help build a larger customer base, increase sales and improve customer engagement and service. However, we do not recommend that they use it as their only Internet presence. Some of our clients, such as Treasured Times Rubber […]

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Extravagant Gifts

How do you thank an anonymous donor for giving a part of his/her body to your family member? How do you thank countless medical personnel for seeing your family through two very eventful years? How do you thank friends and family who prayed for, encouraged and supported you through those years? As a logical sequential […]

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Sharps Roaster & Ale House: Why Do I Love Thee?

Here’s an article originally posted in our November 20, 2003 Northwest Gold Coast newsletter edition by Elizabeth Paulsen. Read our newest Sharp restaurant review here. Sharps Roaster & Ale House: Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Reasons… I love thee for thy delicious food. The Kansas City True Blue BBQ, made with […]

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20 Ways to Keep Search Engines from Listing Your Website

In my years of optimizing websites for the search engines, I’ve often been called in to remedy business websites that have had disastrous results in the search engines. In each case a prior SEO service provider had employed abusive and/or neglectful strategies. 20 of these abuses and neglectful practices are listed below. The first thing […]

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Roles Found in Successful Businesses

While every business is unique, successful businesses are built with the support of the following roles. The optimist – On a daily basis this individual envisions and speaks of success and exhorts others to do the same. This individual’s optimism is so strong that it is contagious. Staff, prospects and vendors all have an opportunity […]

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Are You a Facebook Junkie?

The call goes something like this. “Elizabeth, this is Joe. I have a question for you. Are you a Facebook Junkie?” Silent pause. Private thought… junkie… addict…habit… Hmmm, I check Facebook several times a day. It has become a habit like washing my face and brushing my teeth. The answer… “Yes, I am!” “I’ve got […]

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Saimin Says with or without Power

A recent power outage prompted our staff to seek out a restaurant (with power) for lunch. One staff member was hungry for Hawaiian. So using an iPhone we studied Yelp reviews and phoned the top rated restaurant to check if they were open and had power. We were in luck so we piled into cars […]

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Remediating Search Engine Rankings

Businesses that developed simple text-dense websites in the early years of the Internet (before 2001) benefited from a phenomenon known as “grandfathering”. If these businesses listed their websites in the major search engines before the engines began charging for inclusion or pay per click, their sites stayed in the search engines for free because the search […]

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Business Owner’s Thanksgiving

By Elizabeth Paulsen in the style of Chuck Gallozzi We are thankful for: Long hours because even though they’re long, we set them and we are not likely to lay ourselves off. Work stress because it gives us an excuse to reach for the dark chocolate or go work out. Payroll taxes, vacation pay and […]

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20 Ways to Fail at SEO

20 Ways to Keep Search Engines from Listing Your Website in Their Search Results In ten years of optimizing websites for the search engines, I’ve often been called in to remedy business websites that have had disastrous results in the search engines. In each case a prior webmaster or search engine optimization (SEO) service provider […]

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Small Business Indicators

Is your business improving? While some business owners look to their financials to determine whether their business is doing better, many small business owners also look to the following indicators. They know business is better when: 1. Management isn’t panicked when some high maintenance customers go elsewhere. 2. Management begins to test new services and markets. 3. […]

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Parking Lot Goes Green

So how does an off-airport parking lot go green?, located just south of Seattle Tacoma International Airport, has implemented four strategies to reduce air and water pollution, paper waste and energy consumption. Water Filtration System Ask Manager, Dave Bass, and he’ll tell you, “To begin with, before parking a single car, it is […]

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New Support Program Assists College Students

Launching July 1, 2009, a new program aimed at assisting students in U.S. colleges and universities will be available through AffinityCare, Inc.  The program consists of a wide range of prepaid services including relationship, emotional wellness, financial, and legal consultation. As a population, college students report that when they become stressed or feel anxious, depressed, […]

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Express Linen Services

Prior to starting Express Linen Service, owner, Theresa Phan, created beautiful and memorable wedding receptions through MIMI’s Bakery and Decoration. Then, as MIMI’s grew from a service that supported only its immediate community to a service that expanded to supporting events in multiple states, Theresa became aware that her customers consistently needed elegant table cloths […]

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Which Medium When?

Although I make a living helping businesses attract new customers and sales through online media, I don’t quickly jump on every new social medium platform. This is because I’ve learned from experience that: some are huge time wasters that provide very little meaningful communication, others don’t last long enough to be proven as effective social […]

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