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Correcting Bite Problems without Braces

Seattle Area dentist Norm Culver, DDS is training dentists in the lost art of equilibration. Faster and less expensive and less intrusive than braces, equilibration adjusts a patient’s bite in as little as one visit. In this procedure the dentist marks the teeth for areas that hit prematurely and then makes very small grinding adjustments to help the teeth match better. […]

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Bring Music Home

Have you considered starting a hobby, such as music or art? Adding music to a household can be an effective therapeutic outlet to reduce stress in your life. For a child, music has been proven to improve academic learning and develop important motor skills.* Foothills Suzuki Institute, offers local Suzuki lessons for violin, viola and […]

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Hart’s Gymnastic Center

Summer has come to an end but the impact of summer activities is still felt by some area businesses. For example, the Summer Olympics typically prompt young people to learn tumbling and gymnastics and trainers like those at Hart’s Gymnastic Center stand ready to coach these young athletes. Hart’s Gymnastic Center, owned by David and […]

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Hammond Ashley Violins

Hammond Ashley Violins is all about bringing quality music tools to the string communities of Seattle, Washington and San Diego, Calfornia. Founded in 1964 by Hammond Ashley, the business began on the second floor of Ashley’s woodworking shop just south of the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Ashley’s background in engineering, woodworking and music made the perfect foundation […]

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The HomeScholar

A growing number of parents want to home school. They worry about the environment and values that government schools offer. While the shear quantity of effort is daunting in the lower grades, by high school many parents wonder if they know enough to prepare their children for college. Homeschooling high school is a joy and […]

Continue Reading is the Seattle-based firm that provides training for people who design, build, and operate data networks using Cisco, Linux, and Microsoft products. Courses include training in Cisco, Linux, Networking Fundamentals, Network Security, Microsoft Windows and Project Management. Instruction is delivered by vendor-certified professionals. specializes in seminars and workshops designed to deliver necessary important […]

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