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Extravagant Gifts

How do you thank an anonymous donor for giving a part of his/her body to your family member? How do you thank countless medical personnel for seeing your family through two very eventful years? How do you thank friends and family who prayed for, encouraged and supported you through those years? As a logical sequential […]

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Back to School with a High Schooler

In case the storefront windows of the area haven’t alerted you, it is Back to School Time! Today, I am here with our high school correspondent, Rebekka, to learn about preparing for back to school this year. Rebekka, tell our audience a little bit about yourself. Hi, I’m Rebekka and I am going to turn […]

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Recess Before Lunch

Highline Public Schools is hoping to utilize a simple change to their daily schedule that has massive potential for change in student behavior and performance in school. This schedule change is known as Recess Before Lunch (RBL). RBL reverses the school system’s longstanding practice of having lunch first followed by recess resulting in students rushing […]

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Basketball Program Helps Students Realize their Dreams

I-Ball founder Kyle Keyes has experienced many personal struggles but through them all has found sports to be a means to carry on and find success. As a child Keyes was raised in a broken home where he received very little mentoring or advocacy.  From the age of five Keyes was involved in sports – playing basketball, football, baseball and soccer. Throughout his childhood and […]

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Construction Technology Program First in State

Puget Sound Skills Center (PSSC) unveiled a new Building and Construction Trades curriculum at an event hosted with the Building Trades Leadership. The pilot program, dubbed “multi-craft core curriculum,” has been a joint project, under development over the last 18 months, between PSSC’s Construction Technology Instructor Ken Pierson and the Seattle Pipe Trades, Local 32, […]

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New Support Program Assists College Students

Launching July 1, 2009, a new program aimed at assisting students in U.S. colleges and universities will be available through AffinityCare, Inc.  The program consists of a wide range of prepaid services including relationship, emotional wellness, financial, and legal consultation. As a population, college students report that when they become stressed or feel anxious, depressed, […]

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Old Mom Learns New Vocabulary

This school year marks my 18th consecutive year as a parent of students in Highline Public Schools. Over that period of time I have witnessed many changes in curriculum, schedules, staff training and school structures. In my opinion, however, the greatest of these changes has been at the high school level. The transition of Highline’s […]

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The HomeScholar

A growing number of parents want to home school. They worry about the environment and values that government schools offer. While the shear quantity of effort is daunting in the lower grades, by high school many parents wonder if they know enough to prepare their children for college. Homeschooling high school is a joy and […]

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