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A Persistent Artist

It takes guts to pursue your dreams. For every one person that drops everything, moves to Hollywood and serves burgers between auditions, there are ten others that dream of doing just that. For many different reasons most of us are content to let dreams live in our minds. Sheila Lengle is an exception, someone who […]

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Local Home Decor Business with Country Style

A comfortable throw or set of handpainted decanters can add warmth and charm to any home.  Since 2003 Jody Stacy and her husband, Rick, have been working together at their home in Port Orchard, Washington to create custom home decor.  Each “Handpainted by Me” piece is carefully cut and constructed by Rick and then handpainted by Jody.  Over the years […]

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Expression Through Therapy

As an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and mental health counseling, art therapy is an effective way to allow people to express themselves through painting, drawing, clay work, sculpting, and collage art.  Engaging in this process can allow people to cope with everyday life experiences and help to define inner strengths.  It can also determine hidden […]

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Vincent Yee

Vincent Yee, Caricature Artist, enjoys his work.   His caricature entertainment is a clear indicator of his outlook on life and the fun he has living it while exercising his artistic abilities.   He offers his clients a blend of extravagant creativity, boundless energy and practical business sense to bring them the best quality service. […]

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Kaylen Reynolds

Kaylen Reynolds, Quilter Extraordinaire, is one of a new breed of artists. In recent years, the design and cost of quilting machines has made it possible for the devoted individual crafter to have his/her own quilting machine in his/her home. This has brought about a group of artists that take the beauty of a simple […]

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Camille Patha

Camille. A soft-sounding name that is full of grace and gentility. There is grace in her painting, “Extinction” and gentility in her work “Allegory”, but this Camille, Camille Patha, is a composition of passion and purpose. Pictured here on the right is “Scarab” currently on display at SW King County Chamber of Commerce, Tukwila, WA […]

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Linda Ladzick

Local artist Linda Fornas Ladzick was born and raised in Astoria, Oregon, the only child of Finnish immigrant parents. Her father owned and operated a neighborhood grocery store. Her mother was a hard worker who loved flowers, gardening and nature. She has always considered herself fortunate to have grown up in beautiful surroundings with two […]

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Harry Johnson

SeaTac painter and photographer, Harry Johnson, has produced hundreds of works of art. Many of these paintings portray Pacific Northwest landscapes and wildlife. Johnson has displayed his work in art shows throughout the country, allowing him to travel. On average, Johnson attends about 26 shows every year, one every weekend for a half a year. […]

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Jeanne Hedington

Jeanne Hedington can’t count the number of works she has completed because they are too numerous. And after over four decades she is still busy producing more works of art and is winning awards on a regular basis. When asked about her life’s work Jeanne quietly speaks of these accomplishments and then quickly moves on […]

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Valerie Gower

SeaTac-based illustrator, political cartoonist and caricaturist, Valerie Gower, describes the production of each piece of art as being “like writing a script for a short film — the plot, the characters, the background and the storyboard all require careful development.” Gower’s interest in drawing began at age five. Her interest in politics also began at […]

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Ruth Carpenter

Local artist, Ruth Carpenter, is an artist for all seasons. Twelve years ago she retired from the business world and returned to her first love – art”. She originally recognized this love at age six when she created an abstract “Nail on Shiny Paint” on her teacher’s new car. Her recent work has been on […]

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Nancy Bogni

Local painter, Nancy Bogni, loves to paint from life. As a result, much of her work involves people — people looking, eating, dining, walking, resting, playing and making music. Nancy paints with watercolor, oil, pastel and gouache. While much of her work has a softness and warmth that reminds one of Renoir’s work, some of […]

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