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If you’re looking for expert Seattle Subaru repair, friendly personal service, and substantial savings compared to high dealership prices, then Smart Service is the place for you.

They feel that they are the most qualified independent Subaru specialist in the Northwest. They have 4 ASE Certified Master Technicians that combine for over 68 years of prior Subaru dealership experience and training. They also take pride in being the only AAA APPROVED Subaru Independent in the State of Washington.

They specialize in Subaru vehicles because they really believe in the product. Together, staff and families own 16 Subaru’s including their owner, Mike Corbin’s, 1992 Legacy with over 338,000 miles on the odometer. Mike is pictured here with his “best friends”.

At Smart Service, they follow manufacturer recommendations for repairs and service and will make sure the job gets done right the first time. They have an honest, friendly approach, personal service, and 12 month-12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor.

Smart Service is not a big factory-owned enterprise. With their small size and friendly staff, you can to get to know the technician that actually worked on your car. This allows us to really meet your needs on an individual basis. They have found that this is a key ingredient in understanding exactly what each person’s individual priorities are for their car. To make things easier for you, you can make an appointment online.

Find out more about Smart Service by calling, stopping by or going to their website at http://www.smart-service.com/