Plants and flowers have the extraordinary ability to calm, cheer and welcome. A truly beautiful container starts with experience and knowledge, and finishes with the perfect arrangement of structure, movement and color.

Seasonal Color Pots chooses a blend of plants and flowers as well as artistically appropriate containers that reflect your taste and thrive in your location. Whether your container is an investment in your home or your office, having it designed by a professional ensures that the outcome will be nothing less than stunning.

You can see a wide variety of her work on her website and especially her Portfolio of beautiful pots and landscaping.

Toni Cross, owner of Seasonal Color Pots, is a longtime Washington resident. She understands and loves our unique climate and the challenges they bring to the design process. With her years of experience and extensive knowledge of what grows well in the Pacific Northwest, Toni uses interesting combinations of foliage plants, flowers and woody plants to create beautiful containers.

Seasonal Color Pots can be designed for inside the home or place of business as well as outside. If you don’t want to do the maintenance for your plants, The staff at Seasonal Color Pots can maintain your pots according to a schedule and budget that is defined before installation.

To learn more, go to their website at or call them at 206-781-1060.