Puppy Stairs pet stairs and ramps help dogs, cats, kittens and other pets get on and off sofas and beds safely.

This dog-friendly business was started by Krystal Hanson after her Yorkshire terrier, Raphael, had to have surgery. During his recovery, it was important that he not run, jump or climb. Since his favorite napping spots were “up”, Krystal needed to find a way for him to get there safely.

Krystal learned about wood steps and ramps for pets, but they were hard on people toes and shins and their rigid construction can cause too much impact on the animals hip joints and spine. Krystal figured that fabric covered foam cushions would do the job–and she was right.

Two years later, Puppy Stairs is a highly successful business. The original product has been refined somewhat, and Krystal and her business partner, Jeanne Wolfington, have developed a large variety of products to meet the needs of small breeds and pets with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other mobility problems. Their products are also a great help to handicapped people who can’t assist their animals.

Puppy Stairs products have been featured on Martha Stewart and Christopher Lowell television programs and are recommended by veterinarians around the country.

Today Krystal and Jeanne continue to build their business, Puppy Stairs. Their purpose is to help animals live a better quality of life. To learn more about their business and products, please visit http://www.puppystairs.com/.