Is there room to fit in another chain Mexican Restaurant around here? We’ve already got Taco Bell, Taco Time, Azteca, Taco del Mar, Torero’s Mexican Restaurant, just to name a few. And if so, what could it possibly offer that all of these can’t?

Qdoba Mexican Grill has recently opened up next to Acme Bowling at 100 Andover Park West in Tukwila. And the good news is that there is room for this latest addition to Seattle/Mexican venue because it offers “fast food style” Mexican fare with unique fresh flavors unlike any of the others.

The menu is loaded with descriptions including the word “fresh” and that is the best way to describe everything there. Qdoba makes its own homemade tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, 3-cheese queso, Ranchera sauce, poblano pesto, fajita ranchera, chicken mole and much more. These fresh ingredients make even this simple plate of nachos taste delicious (top photo).

The grilled quesadillas come with sides of fresh guacamole, sour cream and choice of salsa. This Flat Iron Steak Quesadilla has wonderful flavors and by choosing your own salsa, it can be as mild or spicy as you’d like. Just looking at their Taco salad, you won’t be able to appreciate how good it tastes. What you usually get from a Taco salad–lettuce, meat, cheese and sour cream; that’s all there. There’s also fresh lime, black bean corn salsa, picante ranch dressing and more.

All burritos start with cilantro lime rice and your choice of black or pinto beans (no beans on Fajita Burritos), and are topped off with your choice of salsa and cheese or sour cream. Their huge Chicken Mole Burrito has marinated grilled chicken topped with a rich and slightly spicy Mole sauce and is a meal just by itself.

Five to seven dollars will get you any meal/menu item and all entrees are prepared in front of the customer and topped with personally selected ingredients. The first Qdoba Mexican Grill restaurant was opened in 1995 by Anthony Miller and his partner Robert Hauser in Denver. There are now over 300 Qdoba Mexican Grills located in more than 40 states from coast to coast. You can learn more about Qdoba from their website, If you’re looking for fresh, healthy Mexican food that is also quickly prepared, Qdoba will fulfill your search with fresh vegetables, marinated meats and a terrific blend of spices.