Local artist, Ruth Carpenter, is an artist for all seasons. Twelve years ago she retired from the business world and returned to her first love – art”. She originally recognized this love at age six when she created an abstract “Nail on Shiny Paint” on her teacher’s new car. Her recent work has been on more conventional surfaces and has been much more appreciated.

Experiences in the years between prepared her well to become a prolific artist who creates a wide variety of work in multiple media. During those years she worked as a bookkeeper, construction accountant for a subsidiary of Morrison-Knutsen, a recreational vehicle sales person, and a real estate agent. During 15 years of marriage she traveled to Australia, Israel, Paris, Yugoslavia, Morocco, and Greece and she became a proficient photographer. Her experience as a photographer helps her really “see” the essence of what is before her in any setting. As Carpenter states, “A lot about art is just seeing what you are looking at.” In addition her bohemian one-year sojourn in San Diego allowed her to explore her work in a fresh and relaxed setting.

Carpenter has further developed her art skills through many workshops and some courses at North Idaho College and a course in Sumi work at Highline Community College. She also reads avidly to keep up with current trends and continues to attend workshops and art classes on a regular basis. Just recently she began to teach art.

While Carpenter enjoys experimenting in many mediums, her most well known works such as “Lady Dancing in the Snow” and the abstract “African Queen” are produced in watercolors or acrylics. She was commissioned to produce a special work, which included a painting of a doorway to an estate in San Diego where she had a show. She also made Christmas cards for a customer upon special request based on her “Lady Dancing in the Snow” painting.

Carpenter’s favorite subjects are people, boats, and water. She loves to do abstracts as well, but these don’t sell as well as more photographic styles.

Recently Carpenter secured the equipment to start working in digital photography. She is especially intrigued with the process of converting photos to impressionistic graphic work.

Most of Carpenter’s work is produced in her studio located in Burien overlooking Three Tree Point and the Puget Sound. Her well-equipped studio allows her to create, mat, and frame or shrink-wrap her work herself. This helps reduce costs and ultimately results in a more affordable product for her customers.

Carpenter is also very active in local art associations such as Burien Art Gallery, Seahurst Art Gallery, and Burien Art Commission. She is presently Vice President of Artists United a consortium of over 70 artists, some of who are octogenarians who helped found the organization 50 years ago. Carpenter is actively involved in planning this year’s Art Walk in Burien, which will be held the last weekend of September. Last year this event featured nine outdoor public works of art and involved 36 businesses in Burien, each of which featured the work of a different artist and showed the artist in action.

Carpenter also supports area non-profits through donations. She has donated to auctions at St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi schools and the Burien Rotary Club.

In the past Carpenter found the Leavenworth, Issaquah, and Renton River Days shows to be her best sales venues, but more recently she has found shows closer to home to be well worth the effort. She currently has a show in Cle Elum and will be showing at the Artist United at the Cove Spring Art Show on Sunday April 21, 2002 from 10am-4pm at 1500 SW Shorebrook Drive in Normandy Park WA. This show will feature the work of some 20 artists. (While this event is free to the public the Daily Perk Bakery and Cafe will be offering refreshments for purchase.) For more details regarding the April 21st event you may call 206-242-3778. Carpenter will also be showing her work at the Burien Family Days event at Kennedy High School on May 18 and 19.

If you have questions regarding Carpenter’s work or the Burien Art Walk scheduled for the last weekend in September please e-mail her at carpp@worldnet.att.net or phone 206-901-1519.