Camille. A soft-sounding name that is full of grace and gentility. There is grace in her painting, “Extinction” and gentility in her work “Allegory”, but this Camille, Camille Patha, is a composition of passion and purpose.

Pictured here on the right is “Scarab” currently on display at SW King County Chamber of Commerce, Tukwila, WA You will see much of her work has nature as we see it here in the Pacific Northwest.

Camille has been an artist for as long as she can remember. When probed to find out just when she knew she would commit her life to her love of art she stated, “I was a child then. What I paint now comes from living life as an adult.”

Her decision to immerse herself in her artistic creativity has been a boon to the arts. She received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Washington.

Thus began a kaleidoscope of painting periods. Her work in the late 60’s reflected her training as an abstract expressionist. Moving through the 70’s her work gained cleaner lines until she reached ultimate clarity in the 80’s. Her more recent work leans, again, towards the edgy abstract. She states, “If an artist’s work doesn’t evolve, then artistically, they are dead.

Her work, in all its various stages, has been and is being displayed in prominent locations all over the Northwest including the Washington State Capitol Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum and the Bellevue Art Museum.

Patha’s devotion to her life’s passion, art, is obvious. However, listening to her regale the antics of her cherished seven year old Blue and Gold Macaw, Paco, one discovers the great depths of her purpose, the ability to love. Married since age 17 to her twinkling eyed husband, John, this passionate and purposeful Camille has found, and is painting, her own exciting bird’s eye view of life, experience and love in the Puget Sound.

This second piece, “Tempo” is also on display at SW King County Chamber of Commerce in Tukwila.

To see more of her work, find out where she is currently exhibiting, or to contact her, go to her website at