Kaylen Reynolds, Quilter Extraordinaire, is one of a new breed of artists. In recent years, the design and cost of quilting machines has made it possible for the devoted individual crafter to have his/her own quilting machine in his/her home. This has brought about a group of artists that take the beauty of a simple quilt and make it extraordinary in much less time than traditional hand quilting takes. Kaylen Reynolds is one of these artists.

Kaylen began sewing when she was eleven and was taught by her mother. This hobby later became a business; she made and sold children’s reversible clothes for four years. Being dissatisfied with certain aspects of the business but wanting to sew, she decided that her knowledge and experience in quilting put her in a good position to move in that direction.

For the past four years, Kaylen has been machine quilting out of her home in SeaTac. Some of the quilts brought to her are ones just put together and some were pieced years ago by “great-aunt” and just never quilted. The designs used in a quilt can make an incredible difference in how they are seen and appreciated. Some designs are meant to “disappear” into the fabric; others meant to enhance it. Some quilts, it’s the actual quilting that beautifies an otherwise plain piece of fabric (called whole-cloth quilting-seen here). And while machine quilting is much quicker than hand quilting, it can still take 10 to 12 hours hours, or as many as 80 to 100 hours, depending on the type of quilting.

Kaylen has also used her craft to help local schools and charities. Over the past few years she has machine quilted a number of quilts for auctions for Seattle Christian School, Tyee High School, Highline Hospital and various other charities. In 2002 Kaylen created a special quilt for the Point Defiance Zoo’s auction (seen at right).

Besides home machine quilting, Kaylen also teaches quilt design and piecing in her home and at local fabric stores. Prices vary according to the type of quilting done, so if you would like her to quilt that completed quilt of your “great-aunt’s” that you’ve been dragging from home to home each time you move, you can contact her by email at kaylenquilts4u@comcast.net.

Even though I am a dedicated hand quilter, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of Kaylens quilts and envy just a little, the speed at which she does them!