Vincent Yee, Caricature Artist, enjoys his work.   His caricature entertainment is a clear indicator of his outlook on life and the fun he has living it while exercising his artistic abilities.   He offers his clients a blend of extravagant creativity, boundless energy and practical business sense to bring them the best quality service.

You may ask “What is ‘caricature entertainment'”.

Vince (pictured above with self characterization) uses his artwork to provide visual entertainment for large and small groups.   He pens caricatures and cartoons at the rate of up to thirty drawings per hour (black and white, head, and little bodies) for events, trade shows, grand openings, business promotions, and parties.   His clients range from suburban housewives to the staffs of top Northwest-based companies.

Vince also does cartoons, illustrations, and animations.   His background was founded in the traditional applications of illustration.   He was trained in animation and multimedia at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and later at San Francisco State University.

Yee has been creating traditional cartoons, designs and illustrations as a staff artist in the graphic arts industry and as a freelance artist for over seventeen years.   He has also worked in the multimedia industry for five years. His experiences include creating storyboards for television, 2D animation for corporate training, CD games and art for kiosks.
You can learn more about Vince from our his website at