Highline Public Schools and the City of Burien have partnered to distribute housing incentives to newly-hired teachers in an innovative program geared toward attracting and keeping quality teachers in high-demand academic areas. The grant will provide up to $250 per month to qualified teachers who rent or purchase a home in the city of Burien. The pilot program is funded by the Washington State Legislature and the Housing Trust Fund.

Twenty teachers who meet eligibility for the program will be selected in the first year of the two-year program. An additional twenty teachers will be selected for the 2009-2010 school year. The program targets hard-to-fill endorsement areas such as math, science, or special education.

“Our goal is to recruit teachers who are the best-of-the-best,” said Director of Recruiting and Retention Nancy Pappas Barnhart. “It is an exciting opportunity to work with the City of Burien to attract professionals to our community. The housing allowance adds to our list of unique benefits for teachers.”

“Encouraging these teachers to live in Burien will enrich our vibrant and growing community with more young professionals who we hope will put down roots here,” said Jenn Ramirez Robson, program manager with the City of Burien.