Choices provides an affordable, effective voluntary benefit program to help individuals, families, the self-employed, organizations and other groups nationwide. Save your money through health care savings cards, identity theft protection and drug prescription discount programs. Coverage includes pharmacy, dental, vision, 24-hour nurse line, alternative medicine, senior advocacy line, chiropractic, hearing, diabetic supplies, physical therapy, health clubs and mental health network. Other benefits such as physicians, hospitals, lab tests, emergency travel assistance, outpatient diagnostics, outpatient surgery and x-rays are available as well. Choices guarantees that customers will save more the annual cost of membership within a 12 month period by using their membership only four times. If not, the company will refund your entire fee! Get the protection you need at prices you can afford!

Do any of these statements describe your insurance situation? If so, then Alliance Health Card can help you get the health care you need at affordable prices through their discount network.

  • I have a high deductible insurance policy.
  • My policy doesn’t offer dental, vision or prescription coverage.
  • I can’t afford the insurance I need.

Additionally, dental coverage saving is exceptional. Choices People’s Health Choice card entitles you to discounts up to 60% on all dental plan services with more than 58,000 dental providers.

Langdon Drugs LTD of Canada can help you save money on your prescription drugs. Canadian Discount Mail Order Rx Program will meet your needs. There are no additional membership cost or enrollment fees.

Choices helps small and large businesses and affinity groups offer affordable health care benefits and other voluntary benefit programs to employees or members, including 1099, part-time, seasonal and other non-benefit eligible employees. They help small business offer cheap health care rates to their employees.

Choices ID theft assistance program will provide the protection of the premier identity fraud recovery service for your child, self, family and business. The company offers worldwide benefit services engineered all of the services of the program by the bringing together three major operational partners (Trans Union, AffinityCare LLC, Worldwide Assistance) that monitor id theft and provide credit card fraud monitoring, reporting and recovery.

Through Health Matters International their clients can investigate “medical tourism” destinations other than US for medical treatment. Considering surgical procedures abroad one can expect to save anywhere from 50%-90% versus USA prices (depending on the procedure). This surgical escape works under a 4 C’s motto: Cost Savings, Credibility, Culture, Closeness. SurgicalEscape focus on providing a solution to the rising coasts of medical procedures, dental care and Invitro Fertilization.

Choices also provides services to help you ┬ácare for your pets’ well being. Providing pet medications and supplies from Langdon Drugs. FDA approved international sources mailed to your door at huge savings. Service available for humans too!