Wiggins Custom Woodworks manufactures such high quality, handcrafted cabinetry that this Seattle-Tacoma based company received the prestigious 2008 Best of Tacoma Award in the household kitchen cabinets and equipment. Wiggins is one of the primary contractors for home remodels and, a choice subcontractor for new homes.

They specialize in custom-made mantels to compliment each unique living space, such as corner fireplace mantels with cabinets or with a TV built in. You can express your creativity through Wiggins’ experienced craftmanship. Wiggins Custom Woodworks is the place where you can find handmade custom cabinets, casework, mantels, counter tops, floors and more in kitchens, office, living rooms, and even bathrooms.

Finding a unique corner matching or custom building for an unusual fit, shapes and dimensions are company’s specialty. They design high quality woodwork for all living spaces, book shelves, storage and even to all wood furniture for your home. Wiggins custom woodworks can equip your house with craftsmen design and high quality furniture.

Professional consulting for your home is available by appointment. Let Wiggins help you to find professional craftsmanship and installation, unique custom design living spaces and dedicated customer service.

For more infomation, you can visit: http://www.wigginsmantelsandwoodworks.com/