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A growing number of parents want to home school. They worry about the environment and values that government schools offer. While the shear quantity of effort is daunting in the lower grades, by high school many parents wonder if they know enough to prepare their children for college. Homeschooling high school is a joy and a challenge!

Thinking about homeschooling high school can fill parents with anxiety! We wonder….

  • Am I capable of teaching high school subjects?
  • Can my child get into college if we homeschool high school?
  • Will I ruin my child’s future?

The HomeScholar has good news! Homeschooling high school is the best life preparation you can give your children. They proclaim, “You are fully capable of providing that quality education. You lack for nothing – except tools and confidence. That is where I can help!”

Lee Binz is The HomeScholar. Her services include the resources and tools you need to succeed.

· She helps parents fearful of the transition to high school level instruction to relax and become confident.
· She coaches them on the college application process, offering proven strategies for success!
· She reassures parents wanting an independent opinion of their curriculum, and even her homework assignments. Thoughtful direction means less redundancy, more enjoyable and fruitful learning, and focusing on efficient and successful learning.
· Lee offers the kind of personal service that puts homeschool students at the ready for the college entrance procedures. Once she walked a parent through preparing a transcript, and the next day the paperwork was ready to go!
When you work with Lee, you will receive the personal care and expert advice that will help you overcome the many challenges of homeschooling high school. No matter what the issue, she comes alongside and guides you through the process and helps you think through the solutions.
So, become confident! Homeschooling high school is not only possible, but it is the best way to help your children succeed beyond your wildest imagination! Lee knows. She homeschooled her two boys for eight years, from elementary school through high school. Not only did her boys graduate from high school, but they both received four-year, full-tuition scholarships from their first choice university. Through this process, she learned the secrets on how to homeschool successfully through high school — secrets that I am very excited to share with you.

Everyone can benefit! The HomeScholar offers a free email newletter, the HomeScholar Record. It provides on-going training and advise. In addition, she offers a daily blog, that is like a “Dear Abby” column for high school homeschoolers. She also has links for even more in-depth research on relevant topics.
Lee wants to help, and provides free ten-minute consultations every Wednesday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. She welcomes calls at 1-888-LEE-2HELP. The HomeScholar also offers training DVDs for parents on general and specific homeschooling issues. Finally, she offers in depth telephone counseling, for those who need the personalized direction that her many years of practical experience can offer.

While the HomeScholar is all about education, sometimes the scariest part of the homeschooling challenge is just keep the paperwork straight. Lee will walk you through how to grade, to prepare transcripts, and how to make sure that colleges and universities correctly interpret your child’s accomplishments.

Finally, how about having the HomeScholar at your next co-op meeting. The wisdom she’s garnered can be efficiently, and effectively communicated to your homeschooling circle of friends, and at conventions, and even college fairs.

Where to start? Join Lee’s newsletter, and subscribe to her blog. Explore her website, also! None of these things will cost you a dime and you will receive great encouragement along the way. The HomeScholar loves helping homeschool families, and she would love to help you, too! Her job is to help EVERY family succeed in homeschooling their children through high school!

DO NOT BE AFRAID! You CAN do it, and the HomeScholar can help! Lee looks forward to sharing with you the homeschooling secrets that enabled her family to succeed in homeschooling beyond their wildest dreams!

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