I remember crabbing as a girl with my father off the coast of Garibaldi, Oregon. Early in the day we went to a local fish market and bought a big old fish head. Dad cut it into hunks, set a hunk into each of the rusty metal cage-style traps and loaded the traps into the small motor boat. I climbed on board with a big old orange life vest (sun-faded on the outside and bright orange inside) and we launched into a slough, motored to the open ocean and tossed out the traps. A few hours later we motored back to the traps and hauled them on board. We measured the crabs’ underbellies and were thrilled if we got a few legal size Dungeness crabs. We then motored back to dad’s boss’ cabin, put a big pot of water over a campfire, boiled up the crab, let them cool and then cracked and picked enough crab to feed our family of six a few meals of crab and drawn butter and crab louie salad.

Now, some 35 years later, I’m pleased to see that a local family finally has invented the best crab trap I’ve ever seen. This new trap, called Stow-B-Low Crab Pod™ is superior in many ways. It is lighter weight, less bulky, collapsible, easily stowed and rust proof. Plus, it can be used with a better bait system that uses fish oil in a sponge rather than an old smelly fish head.

If you know a boater, whether a leisure fisherman, someone looking for a new outdoor or food-related hobby or a serious yachter, the Crab Pod™ makes a great holiday or thank you gift.

To see a demonstration video or learn more about this unique invention, visit http://www.stow-b-low.net/.