Professional potter, Missy James is passionate about many things, including art, pottery, realism and chocolate. Now she has merged these passions into a new product line of “everlasting chocolates” under the name of FossilFire Ceramic Chocolates. Per the tagline on the website, the shiny creations “preserve the moment of anticipation forever”. Each piece is handmade and hand-painted. Available in square, rectangular and heart-shaped ceramic boxes, each unique ceramic chocolate is set into brown glassine candy cups that look just like the paper cups used in boxes of edible luxury fine chocolates.

The article at explains Missy’s creation process in fascinating detail. From formation to final glazing, the skill and craftsmanship that go into these unique works of art is significant. Few people, even artists, have the patience or passion to carry them through the hours and weeks it takes to make each custom piece.

Because they look so real, Missy cements the chocolates and their papers into their ceramic boxes so as to prevent any choking hazard to children.

With 58 “flavors” already in production and new “flavors” being introduced each month, Missy James is rapidly becoming the world’s premier ceramic chocolatier. What’s more, customers can even fill their own box by selecting the individual chocolates they love the most! With names like “Cherry’s Da Bomb Heart” and “Splash of Apricot Oval” who wouldn’t want to pick their chocolates.

Custom versions of the boxes are available for corporate Christmas gifts while the 4-piece Square Box of chocolates may be just that special gift for a significant other and the large red heart is a stunning gift for the person who has “everything”.

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