Last year I handmade all my Christmas presents. The presents were personal and unique but it ended up taking more time and expenses than I expected. With the economy the way it is today, we can all step back and look at how much money we have been spending at Christmas.

With that said, I have run across the perfect solution for saving time, energy and money as well as giving a meaningful gift.

Seattle Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs has been in the Westfield Southcenter mall since 1999. While they do routine jewelry inspection and cleaning, watch battery replacement and eyeglass hinge repair, they do more than just that. They also restore antique jewelry, restring pearl necklaces and engrave jewelry, watches and gift items.

Do you have jewelry that you no longer wear? Maybe a ring that needs a little spiffing up, a loose stone that needs mounting, a locket that has a broken chain or a watch from your grandfather that no longer is ticking? Rather than buying new jewelry as a Christmas present, why not make a piece of your own jewelry an heirloom and treasured gift for a loved one?

Seattle Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs takes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, watches, tie pins, broaches, tiaras and more that you already have and makes the necessary repairs and/or restorations to make them new at affordable prices.

Engraving jewelry, watches or gift items can also make meaningful, less expensive Christmas presents. Seattle Fast Fix engraves metal and glass items. A personalized glass 1st Christmas ornament might be a perfect gift for a newly wed couple or parents of a new baby. A personalized Zippo lighter might be a great idea for a grandson. An engraved key ring might be perfect for that teenager who just got their driver’s license. Seattle Fast Fix also carries items ready to be engraved such as ID bracelets, medical alert jewelry, plaques, flasks and other gift items. And, they can even remove the engraving from a solid silver item and add a new message.

So while you are out-and-about this holiday season, stop by Fast Fix Jewelry (located near JCPenney’s just inside the Southcenter mall entrance between Racha Thai and BJ’s restaurants) and have your treasured items restored, repaired or engraved while you shop for other items.

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