Have you considered starting a hobby, such as music or art? Adding music to a household can be an effective therapeutic outlet to reduce stress in your life. For a child, music has been proven to improve academic learning and develop important motor skills.*

Foothills Suzuki Institute, offers local Suzuki lessons for violin, viola and cello. Foothills Suzuki Institute works out of the studios and concert rooms at Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah, WA. (For those who don’t live in the Greater Seattle area, check here for a Suzuki teacher in your area.)

The Suzuki Method was started by Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki (1898-1998). Dr. Suzuki believed that every child could learn to play music the same way they learn to speak: starting at a young age and being immersed in the language/music. From this idea, Dr. Suzuki based his method of teaching violin on listening, repetition, parent involvement and starting the student at a young age. Just as every child can learn to speak, every child can learn to play the violin with the right instruction and lifestyle habits. Thus, the Suzuki Method is known as the “mother-tongue” method.

Suzuki students have weekly private lessons as well as periodic group lessons. In the group lessons, students are provided with a fun social environment where they can learn from each other, listen and watch other violinists and have the opportunity to play in front of others. Group lessons also encourage manners, community and discipline.

Although Dr. Suzuki was a violinist, the Suzuki Method has been adapted for many other instruments including: viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, harp, guitar and recorder.

While the Suzuki Method was created for preschool-aged students, the Foothills Suzuki Institute uses the Suzuki Method to teach students of all ages and levels.

Starting music lessons for a child can be beneficial for parents as well since the Suzuki Method relies heavily on parent involvement. In order to efficiently coach children in their daily practice, parents are encouraged to be involved at every private and group lesson.

Learning an instrument such as violin or cello will bring value to your life whether you or your child starts lessons. Don’t keep putting it off. Contact Hammond Ashley for more information today.

*For more on how music effects child development: http://www.southcoasttoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080429/EDU/804290312 and http://www.paulborgese.com/report_benefitofmusic.html