So how does an off-airport parking lot go green?, located just south of Seattle Tacoma International Airport, has implemented four strategies to reduce air and water pollution, paper waste and energy consumption.

Water Filtration System
Ask Manager, Dave Bass, and he’ll tell you, “To begin with, before parking a single car, it is necessary to install a system that will separate out contaminants such as (sediment and oil) from lot runoff before the water is released into the city’s storm water system. The Vortechs Model 7000 Stormwater Treatment system installed at SeaTacPark is a high-performance system which uses a combination of swirl-concentrator and flow-control technologies to maximize treatment even during peak flows so that the quality of water released from the site will sustain the rich wildlife of the Puget Sound area.”

Natural Gas Shuttle Bus
Then the lot added a 2009 Champion 14 passenger Natural Gas (NGS) Shuttle Bus.’s shuttle was literally the first of the 2009 shuttles converted to use compressed natural gas in a BAF Technologies engine system. In fact,’s shuttle is featured on the cover picture of the manual that is issued to maintenance companies.

Electric Vehicle Outlets
Next the lot began to offer parking spaces with electrical outlets to accommodate electric vehicles. has 4 spaces which are available on a first come first served basis. Electric vehicle drivers are encouraged to phone 206.824.2544 or email the day that their parking episode is to begin to ask whether outlet spaces are available.

Paperless Reservations
The most recent step has been to offer the best rates without requiring hardcopy paper reservations.’s online reservation system recently has been updated so that it is clear that the parker need not print and bring in a hardcopy of the reservation form. While those that prefer a hard copy may still print and bring it in, those that wish to reduce their ecological footprint, can simply tell the lot attendant at checkout the name under which the reservation was made. The lot attendant will look up the name in the reservation system and offer the parker the best rate (daily, weekly or monthly) for the actual period parked.