Nicholas Nair joined Cascade e- Commerce Solutions (CeSI) as an Account Assistant in June of this year. He is currently a freshman at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. Nicholas and his family reside in Tukwila, Washington. Nicholas’ interests include playing soccer, skateboarding, writing poetry and hiking.

In the spring of 2009 Nicholas was awarded the Act Six scholarship which will be paying for his tuition and also helped him get accepted into Northwest University earlier. The scholarship entails him to be actively involved in regular meetings with his fellow Act Six peers every Tuesday. He is one of ten students attending NU through the scholarship, they are required to become a cadre and work to together to create friendships and support systems throughout their college years and beyond.

For his work Nicholas writes blogs about college and all the things that come with this topic like, scholarships, mentorships, what to look for in a college etc. If would like to check out his work and others who have blogged: