After the recent presidential election, people eagerly hoped to see the nation’s economy recover quickly. People are reluctant to invest money in the stock market, and are wary of big government and corporations.

My hometown, Federal Way, is actively promoting the idea of shopping locally. The Federal Way Chamber of Commerce hopes to stabilize and strengthen the city’s economy by encouraging residents and businesses to buy locally.

ShoppingSpending money in our community results in more sales taxes to city government. It also helps local businesses sustain and create more jobs.

Before searching for a product or service on the internet, it makes sense to consider our hometown businesses first. We may pay a few pennies more, but in so doing, we re-energize the whole idea of community and local prosperity.

While mobility was supposed to make the world smaller, it can isolate us from our neighbors. If we drive 30 miles or order online from a company half a continent away, simply to save a percentage point or two, we miss the opportunity to connect in our hometown. Local coffee shops, the nearby dairy, and the grocery that touts “locally grown” are places where we can rediscover our community and regain our humanity.

I am choosing to shop my hometown first. Whether you are in Kent, Shoreline or Tukwila—why not make your next purchase in your hometown?