Wesley Redding joined Cascade e-Commerce Solutions Inc. (CeSI) as an intern on October 8, 2009. He is currently a freshman attending Highline Big Picture High School. Wesley and his family reside in Kent, Washington.

States Wesley, “The reason that I am at CeSI is because I have always been interested in technology and I have wanted to learn more about how it works. There are some things that I have wanted to know more about. One is how video games are made. Another is how businesses do things like make websites and how they keep track of the work that has been done. Finally, I am here because I want to learn more about computers.”

Highline Big Picture High School is located in North SeaTac. Big Picture students attend school and study core subjects on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and then go to internships on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To obtain an internship, the student requests informational interviews with businesses in their areas of interest. Each interview lasts about 20-30 minutes. Then if the student likes a business or business person, the student requests a job shadow. Next if the student is still interested in that business, the student requests an internship set-up meeting with the student’s advisor (teacher) and the business. During that meeting the participants discuss whether the work at that business is relevant to the student’s interests and a good learning experience for the student.

Highline Big Picture students are not graded in a traditional way (i.e. A, A+, B, B- etc) instead, throughout the year, they present their work at 2-4 exhibitions. Each exhibition contains detailed documentation and proof of work performed, skills learned, and relationships developed.

If you are interested in learning more about Highline Big Picture High School, visit http://www.highlineschools.org/BigPicture/Pages/Home.aspx