Most of us have a vehicle that we enjoy driving, especially when it’s newly washed. While some of us are willing to spend the time and effort to keep our car clean and the finish in good condition through a careful hand wash and hand dry, most of us want an easier option.

Automatic drive-through car washes are an easy way to clean a vehicle without having to brave cold weather and cold water; plus they save time and hassle. However, if the drive through car wash uses brushes and rollers, the process can cause more damage than good because these washers rely on the beating action of the brushes to clean the car and this beating can actually damage the finish of the car.

The “touchless” car wash is a fast and easy way to clean your car without the risk of damaging the car’s finish. Airport Touchless Car Wash in SeaTac, Washington, formerly known as Squeaky Clean Car Wash, uses fresh, softened high pressure hot water and the highest quality soaps and waxes to provide the cleanest wash, without physically touching the vehicle.

Airport Touchless Car Wash in SeaTac WAAirport Touchless Car Wash offers a variety of car wash packages to its customers at an affordable price. The laser wash process is an easy, convenient and safe way to clean your vehicle. Plus the Touchless Laser Wash is more environmentally friendly because it uses less water and electricity than the brush and roller washes and the facility properly disposes its waste water.

Entering the LaserWash is easy, just drive up to the access station, choose your payment or enter your code, then choose your favorite wash package. The average wash time can vary depending on the package you choose, but can typically run anywhere from 4-7 minutes. Washing includes a high-pressure hot water wash with the finest soaps, giving your vehicle a pre-soak to help remove dirt, grime and road film. A spot-free rinse ensures all product is gently washed away while you also have the option to add Rain-X, a clear coat protectant or color polish to keep your car’s exterior shiny and protected. The drying process uses two high performance dryers to complete the procedure and remove any excess water left from the wash. No towels are used to dry the car and this means no lint is left on your vehicle.

The facility also offers self-serve washes, vacuums and detail products for your car.

Airport Touchless Car Wash is family owned, and is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.

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