By Elizabeth Paulsen in the style of Chuck Gallozzi
We are thankful for:

  • Long hours because even though they’re long, we set them and we are not likely to lay ourselves off.
  • Work stress because it gives us an excuse to reach for the dark chocolate or go work out.
  • Payroll taxes, vacation pay and medical premiums because it means we have employees to help do the work.
  • Tech savvy employees because they prompt us to update our hardware, software and selfware (personal skills and knowledge).
  • The customer who owes us money because it means the project is complete.
  • The customer who tells stories or makes puns, because he makes us laugh.
  • The customer who complains because it means she cares enough about our work to tell us how we can improve.
  • The customer who includes a smiley face on his check and emoticons in his emails because it reminds us we are more than business owners.
  • Commercial loans because they make us less attractive to hostile buyouts.
  • Auditors because they give us critical information and feedback.
  • Business advisors, mentors and strategic business partners because they sharpen us.
  • Business networking groups because they help us refine our elevator speeches.
  • Non-profit organizations because they challenge us to be philanthropic.
  • Our families who say that they like life better as small business owners than when we worked for large corporations.