Businesses that developed simple text-dense websites in the early years of the Internet (before 2001) benefited from a phenomenon known as “grandfathering”. If these businesses listed their websites in the major search engines before the engines began charging for inclusion or pay per click, their sites stayed in the search engines for free because the search engines were each trying to compile the biggest, most relevant database.

If the businesses were in well-defined niches, the websites of these businesses had quite high rankings for several phrases related to their business and web-generated business was good!

Then by mid-1995 many businesses that had had natural search high rankings for several years saw their rankings drop significantly (from first page to 16th page or below). This was because the algorithms (formulas) utilized by the search engines evolved continuously while the websites did not keep up with current international standards.

While each website varies, optimizing an older website to meet current international standards typically involves over a dozen discrete tasks. There is no silver bullet, simply a list of tasks that take about three weeks to complete. These tasks include:

  1. conducting research to identify which phrases will get the most web traffic (highest count of searches to number of competing web pages),
  2. scripting improved text for the search engines and human readers,
  3. eliminating code that slows down search engine robots,
  4. adding structural elements that help people and search engine robots get through the site more quickly, and
  5. deleting any inappropriate strategies that may have been in place prior to optimization.

Businesses that have experienced dropped rankings currently represent about half the new clients for the search engine optimization services provided by Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CeSI). CeSI calls this work “ranking remediation” because it involves working to remedy dropped rankings so that web-generated business levels are restored.

Restoring lost rankings takes less time than securing rankings for sites that are new or have never been well ranked. Businesses that have lost ranking know the value of their search engine position in terms of sales and new customers and so are highly motivated to assist in the process. Short turn around time and high client motivation make ranking remediation an especially fun effort for CeSI.

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