You know it’s time to remake your company’s website when…

  1. A first-time visitor says, “Ahh, I see your website is from the Early Web Period.”
  2. Only your mother can find it.
  3. A new customer comes to your store, sits down and cries, “It didn’t look like this on the web!”
  4. Your staff informs you that the website just sold something you haven’t got.
  5. Your web master has disappeared and no one else can figure out how to make anything work.
  6. Your sales staff are ashamed to share the web address with anyone.
  7. Customers complain they can’t find what you say is there.
  8. Your logo and other design elements are new millennial and your website is past millennial.
  9. Your web stats show that lots of people are finding the website, but no one’s buying.
  10. A first-time visitor says, “Yuck. I never go beyond those drum beat and swhirly dot pages!”

You know you don’t need a website makeover when …

Your business is working at capacity, income exceeds out go, your customers are happy and your staff have no complaints.

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