Cascade e-Commerce Solutions is one of over 100,000 brick and mortar businesses nationwide to have been recognized as a favorite place on Google. Stop by our office and you’ll see the Google Maps decal in our front window. Scan the decal with a cell phone (requires a cell phone that can scan a QR code) and you can access our business’ information in Google Maps, read any reviews, write a review or star our business as one of your own favorites in Google.

According to the letter that accompanied the decal, Google’s criterion for choosing our business as one of its favorite places included:

  • the number of times Google users found our business listing between July 1 and September 30, 2009 (this number equates to a measurement of the popularity of the business’ Google Local Business Center Listing) and
  • the number of times people requested driving directions and other information about our business.

In the future, Google may decide to send out more decals periodically to businesses that meet its criteria. No purchase is necessary to receive a decal and it’s completely free to sign up for Google’s Local Businesss Center. You can find out more information online at Google’s Local Business Center or contact us with questions.