Some of the simplest summertime pleasures can be grilling outdoors and entertaining friends.  For the grill enthusiast, having enough space to cook and prepare food is critical.

Doug and Tracey Hepner, owners of Interior Woodworking Specialties in Redmond, Washington, saw the need for expanded outdoor cook space and designed a new line of backyard kitchen cabinet products to meet the need.  Their modular cabinets cost less than outdoor built-in kitchens and are constructed of materials that will not corrode with weather conditions, exposure to UV rays and humidity.  Industrial grade metal caster wheels make the cabinets easy to maneuver and relocate.  The counter tops are FDA approved food safe and can be order with or without the handle.  Their “nest” cabinet for the Big Green Egg grill is available in two sizes to accommodate the medium and large size grill.  Additional accessories for the cabinets are also available such as a recycle bin, sauce and spice rack and hand sink with faucet.  The Hepners’ 23 years of experience and research for this outdoor kitchen cabinet product line assures customers a high quality product built to last.

Summer’s here.  Stop dreaming about a larger barbeque area and start making your backyard kitchen plans now.  For more information on these fine outdoor kitchen cabinets and pricing, please visit the company’s website at: