The Pacific Northwest is a place of ingenuity.  It is a place of creativity.  And it is a place of invention.

One company in the Pacific Northwest that exemplifies this ingenuity is Western Washington Safety Consultants, Inc. (WWSC).  According to owners, Bruce and Jacqueline Johnson, this local business has Fuel Hose Drainer“two predominant purposes: assessing situations in the transportation industry for safety enhancements and designing and producing equipment that will meet those safety needs.” 

WWSC’s featured ergonomic tool is the Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer.  The Ergonomic Fuel Line Residual Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer is a specially designed device that helps truck drivers completely empty their fuel lines.  After drivers deposit their fuel deliveries in the underground fuel tanks, they must empty their hose lines before placing them back on the truck.  Drivers would typically accomplish this task by picking the hose up, hand-over-hand, and work their way down the hose to empty it.  This creates strain on the driver’s hands, arm, shoulders, and back.  The Fuel Hose Gravity Drainer allows the driver to instead remain standing and rolls down the hose, allowing gravity to do the work of forcing the fuel out of the hose.

The innovative work of WWSC’s developers allows them to provide workers in the transportation industry with helpful solutions, creating a safer work environment.

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