Google introduced Google Places to the world in April 2010. Formerly known as the Local Business Center, or Google Maps, this tool allows business owners to manage their business’ map listing in Google.  For the millions of businesses that have claimed their business listing in Google Places, there is now a downloadable, printable QR Code.

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ and is simply a two-dimensional  unique bar code which can be scanned by  newer cell phones and used to quickly access the business’ Google Map page.

QR Code scanner applications can be downloaded to an Internet-enabled cell phone or hand held device and then used to access Google Maps pages from QR Code photos.

Savvy businesses print and post these codes on their vehicles, in their store windows,  in their lobbies and on their product labels to give customers and potential customers quick access to information  about the business including reviews and current coupons or special offers.

Local businesses that have already posted QR Codes in strategic locations have experienced  increases to their Google Maps page and website.