Art MediaAs an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and mental health counseling, art therapy is an effective way to allow people to express themselves through painting, drawing, clay work, sculpting, and collage art.  Engaging in this process can allow people to cope with everyday life experiences and help to define inner strengths.  It can also determine hidden difficulties related to emotional problems, medical illnesses such as cancer, anxiety, depression, grief and loss and divorce.  Where some therapy sessions ask you to talk about yourself and your issues, art therapy helps you to visualize your feelings and express them through a variety of art modulation techniques.  Art therapists are trained in both therapy and art.

With more and more children being diagnosed with autism each year, art therapy has also become a very effective treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This type of treatment for autism can help with improved ability to imagine and think, recognize and respond to facial expressions as well as helping with sensory issues and fine motor skills.

For counseling and art therapy sessions in the Seattle area, Studio Mene was started in 2004 by licensed mental health counselor and registered art therapist, Mineko Takada-Dill. In addition to Seattle’s North end office, Mineko also works with the Highline School District and Childhaven, serving adults, adolescence and children and their families.  Born and raised in Japan, Mineko has many years experience in art education working with metal work, graphics art, textiles art which led to a teaching certificate in art. Teaching in a specialized school in Japan, Mineko found that for children with severe developmental and physical challenges, art was a joy for them and stimulated their sensories and creative process.  This further led to her graduating from an art therapy program at New York University. Mineko eventually ended up in Seattle, Washington where she has ran her own practice for the last 10 years offering counseling and art therapy sessions for individuals, groups, families, and children.  Consultations and workshops also available.

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