Migrating Birds

In late summer and early fall, many birds start their migration as they head south for the winter. The baby birds have fledged, and now it is time to make the long journey. There are several ways in which you can help birds and many of these ways are similar to how you can help when you encourage birds to make their home, only this time of year they may just be passing through.

Evaluate your property. Habitat diversity is important as it encourages many more variety of birds to visit your yard. Create a habitat full of native evergreen and fruit bearing trees, shrubs, and vines. Utilizing native plants is better for the environment and requires less maintenance.

Migrating birds will be looking for shelter and food which can be provided by dead trees and brush piles. Food can be as simple as insects which may also be attracted to flowers and other plants. Your habitat is best if you have a variety of plants that flower and fruit at different periods of the year. Some birds will even appreciate the winter blooming plants!

All birds need some water. Moving water will attract birds, keep the water fresher and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Consider adding a water feature like a bird bath with a water wiggler. If you want something a little more complex, you can build a pond with a waterfall, or add a running creek.

When you are thinking about using weed killers make sure that you don’t use any herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides as these types of products can kill a bird.