blekkoBlekko is a new search engine that is slashing its way up the ranks of search engine popularity. Though Blekko is new it has the hope to surpass Google with its Slash tag feature and spam countering system. The Slash tags enable the searcher to look more directly at what they want without spam sites interrupting their search.  Using Slash tags you can weed out unwanted sites by creating custom slash tags or by adding a slash symbol to your search.  For example, if you were looking for tech items then you would type  “/tech.”  As a result you will only get websites that have to do with technology.

Blekko also has a feature that allows you to block spam sites from all your searches.  You simply need to click the spam button which is located right under the website’s title, and that site will be, as Blekko says, “Dead to you”. There is another feature, on the same line as the spam button called CEO, which can help web designers see how many pages a website has, how many incoming links the site has, and what the host rank for that site is, as well as a source button that shows the code for the website you are viewing.

So will Blekko take over Google’s place at the spot of search engines?  Only time will tell.  For now the word is quickly spreading about Blekko’s unique tools and capabilities and more and more users are being converted each day.