Wallys Chowder House and BroilerIf you’ve driven through Des Moines, Washington chances are you’ve passed by Wally’s Chowder House and Broiler located on the corner of 226 and Marine View Drive.  The restaurant has been a Des Moines seafood institution since 1993 when it took over the building formerly inhabited by another seafood restaurant, Moby Doug’s.

Once you enter the restaurant the interior is immediately homey and inviting.  From wood paneled walls to numerous knick knacks, Wally’s is exactly what I would imagine a New England seafood restaurant to look like.  Top that off with wide windows that let in plenty of natural light and offer views of Puget Sound, it leads to a very pleasant dining experience.

Wallys Chowder House and BroilerWally’s decor isn’t the only inviting element.  The wait staff is friendly and always attuned to the customers needs.  A basket of bottomless fish and chips is hardly finished before they are ready to fill it up again.  Oftentimes the owners are also present and willing to answer any questions you might have or just chat.  We had a nice conversation about the restaurant’s history with one of the owners, Mike Nordean. He told us about the owner of Moby Doug’s who had worked for Ivar’s before setting out to start his own restaurant, and how years later he and Wally, who were good family friends, came to take over the former Moby Doug’s building to start the restaurant we now know as Wally’s.

Wallys Chowder House and BroilerAs much as we enjoyed the atmosphere at Wally’s, the food is the main attraction.  Each member of our group ordered a different item including broiled King salmon, a chicken sandwich, the scallop platter, clam chowder, and of course, fish and chips.  Every dish was delicious and we had no complaints.  The fish was breaded perfectly, the fries were thick and the clam chowder didn’t even need the oyster crackers that came with it (in a cute old fashioned milk jar!).  By the time we were finished our stomachs were full and we were completely satisfied.  However, there was still desert.  At first we resisted, but we felt like it was part of our reviewing duties to at least try something, so we ordered the blackberry pie with ice cream.  The portion was huge and was more than enough for the four of us to share, and even though we were full we polished off the bowl, it was too delicious to stop.

Wallys Chowder House and BroilerSo would we recommend Wally’s Chowder House & Broiler?  Absolutely!  With its homey atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food, Wally’s gets a big thumbs up in our book.

To see their menu, check out specials or learn more about Wally’s you can visit their website at http://wallyschowderhousebroiler.com/