Setting GoalsWith a new year comes new years resolutions. We start out with good plans, intending to keep our resolutions but somewhere along the line we lose the motivation we need to keep going. It’s said that less than 10% of people who make resolutions actually stick to them. Finding the tools to turn intentions into actions and learning how to stop making the same choices that are keeping you from your accomplishments can start with having a clear plan. By doing so, you can take the outcome of your goals from failure to success.

There are many training programs and seminars directed toward people who feel stuck, struggle with confidence and self-esteem, have troubles setting goals and keeping focus, or those who just want to start over. But with endless directions where do you begin?

Experienced Life and Executive Coach, Patricia Eslava Vessey has developed an effective and powerful way to help transform and empower people through her successful seminars, coaching and hypnosis. As the owner and CEO of Integrity Coaching and Training Systems, Patricia has combined her 30 years of experience from social work, fitness and leadership training, life coaching, and hypnotherapy to help people transform their lives. Using life coaching as one approach, this provides individuals and groups new skills in learning how to visualize and achieve goals while creating confidence in managing life changes and challenges. Hypnosis is another method that Patricia offers in a professional environment with one-on-one or group settings. The techniques learned through this self hypnosis instruction can be a highly effective tool for making the changing process easier while becoming more open to others feedback and ideas.

A series of hypnosis CD’s are available and are a helpful tool designed to give you the support to succeed in making the changes in your life you are seeking. Fitness training and wellness programs are also available with specialized personal training for businesses, health clubs and individuals. Stress management, weight loss and stop smoking programs are customized and designed to meet the needs for individuals and for companies and their employees.

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