Federal Way GynecologyOne of the primary providers in a woman’s healthcare routine is a gynecologist.  The decision making process of selecting one can be based on many different factors.  Many times, having a doctor highly recommended by a friend or family member is how we base our decision.  Other times, you may take into consideration what your personal needs might be.  Do you need a gynecologist who is also a practicing obstetrician?  Do you have a preference in having a male or female doctor?  Finding a gynecologist who is accepted by your insurance plan is also something to consider, but many of us will make our decisions based on word of mouth from people we know and trust, by asking questions, and inquiring about the doctor’s experience and skill. 

As a highly skilled and respected doctor, Dr. Myong J. Roe, MD is a board certified gynecologist with over 40 years experience.  Serving in the US Navy as a resident in Obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Roe eventually opened a practice in Auburn, WA.  From 1986 through the present, he currently is on staff with St. Francis Community Hospital, but operates his own practice in Federal Way, WA.  Dr. Roe’s medical specialties include gynecology, general women’s health, gynecological surgery as a minimally invasive surgery specialist, and urogynecology.   Dr Roe is also an expert in the areas of most female cancers, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapsed and urinary incontinence.  While he currently no longer practices as an obstetrician, his calm and caring bedside manner provides a comfortable environment for his patients as he listens to your needs, questions and concerns. 

For more information on Dr Roe, details on his medical specialties, and what to expect at your first appointment, go to:  http://www.federalwaygynecologist.com/