Blue Vanilla BakeryThere’s a new bakery in town! On September 17, 2010 Blue Vanilla Bakery opened it’s doors in the heart of downtown Des Moines on the corner of Marine View Drive and 225th, just beneath the Butler Bar and Grill.

A partnership between three generations, Blue Vanilla Bakery is truly a family affair. Mother and daughter, Margie and Ashley Nelson, are the creative brains behind the store’s beautiful and delicious offerings from the calm decor to the amazing food and drink.

From the second you walk in the door the atmosphere is warm and inviting. You’re immediately presented with a glass case filled with all manners of baked goods, from cookies to muffins and cakes, and to your left you’ll find a colorful chalkboard listing all the many different foods and drinks the bakery offers.

Blue Vanilla BakeryIf you’re worried about getting stuck in the lunch rush, Blue Vanillas large foyer and dining area have plenty of room for everyone. The tables are generously spaced and the large windows let in plenty of natural light, allowing for a causal and friendly atmosphere.

On our visit, the bakery wasn’t very busy, which was surprising considering how perfect and delicious their food was. In order to give a thorough evaluation (and because everything just looked so good) we ended up ordering a variety of sandwiches, soups, and drinks. Everyday the bakery has a different lunch special including a couple soup and sandwich varieties. A list of the daily speicals can usually be found on the Blue Vanilla Bakery Facebook page and they are also listed near the bakeries register if you decide on a more impromptu visit.

Lunch at Blue VanillaAfter ordering it doesn’t take long before they start showing up at your table with plates, presenting one delicious item after another. We were also impressed by the way they put each dish together. Every sandwich came complete with a side of kettle cooked chips, and the bowls of soup came with a nice soft roll.

The soup of the day on our visit was Mulligatawny, a soup I had never heard of let alone tried, but I decided to be brave and order a bowl. I was in love from the first bite and would have licked the bowl clean if it were socially appropriate. These feelings were shared by my co-workers as they ate and finished their various soups and sandwiches around the table.

Dessert at Blue Vanilla BakeryAlthough our stomachs were near bursting, filled with our lunches and delicious lattes, our mouths watered as we stared at the display cases filled with desserts. We once again decided to order a variety and soon our table was filled with an eclair, snicker doodle, chocolate chip cookie, pecan sticky bun and a raspberry muffin, each one as tasty as the next, and this was only a small sampling of the bakeries offerings. We left the bakery not only filled, but completely satisfied and in the happiest of moods.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, great coffee or a satisfying lunch you should take a trip to the Blue Vanilla Bakery, where your tastes will be satisfied and your expectations will be more than fulfilled.

Want to know what on the lunch menu for each day? Check out their facebook page to find up to date lunch offerings here

To learn more about Blue Vanilla Bakery, what they offer, and their hours, check out their website at