Jordan ComarJordan graduated in June of 2010 from Washington State University, earning a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management Operations and Human Resources. He joined the Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CeSI) team in December of 2010 and is already helping coordinate pay-per-click advertising strategies for several clients.

Jordan enjoys all manner of sports but especially enjoys playing golf, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, and badminton. His favorite hobby is archery. As a child he attended day camp in the summer and participated in a variety of different sports and activities, it was here that he was first introduced to archery. Unfortunately, Jordan grew too old for the day camp but was later reintroduced to his favorite hobby at Camp Killoqua where he was employed as a Camp Counselor for two years. To this day he still dreams of creating his own flaming arrow and lighting a bonfire with it. His one true passion is gaming – video games, card games, computer, handheld, and board games. He is most proficient in the art of Settlers of Catan by utilizing successful real-world business strategies in the pursuit to settle the island of Catan. Overall, Jordan is a fun loving guy who enjoys a good laugh or two (or three).

Please join us in welcoming Jordan to the team!