Don R. CrawleyIt seems that every thriving company has a “go to” person when it comes to technology questions.  In one company that person is Joe.  Joe was not born a “geek” and he didn’t go to school for technology.  He is just a guy who remembers every piece of technology and software that his company has ever bought and he remembers why and how each piece relates to the others.  So whenever anyone has a question about a legacy system or a new system, the refrain is “Go ask Joe.”

In another company this person is Maureen.  Again, Maureen didn’t go to school for technology.  Instead, she is just one of those intrepid people who isn’t afraid to figure out how to turn on and off a server or computer, and she can calmly answer technology questions with simple step by step instructions.  Because her company has staff worldwide, the refrain is “Call (or email) Maureen.”

In yet another company it is Emmy.  Emmy actually took a few basic computer courses in high school, but she was not a technology major and her warmth and energy dispel any characterization as a “geek”.  But, she loves gadgets and so she has become the go to person for her company’s executives and sales staff.  Whenever they have questions about their handhelds and GPS systems, the refrain is “Text Emmy.”

The Joes, Maureens and Emmys of the world are just the kind of folks that serves.  These people are largely self-taught and have become indispensible in their respective companies.  They don’t have time for regular college courses and really only need “just in time” training and step by step practical manuals.

Don R. Crawley of provides accelerated and on-site IT training in topics such as Cisco ASA security appliances, Cisco Router, Linux Servers, Bind DNS and Customer Service Training for IT Professionals. In addition to being an accomplished author, speaker and trainer, Don is also an actor, voiceover artist and narrator and a regular blogger for Computer World.  Well traveled in all 50 states, as well as Canada, Australia and the U.K., Don has led numerous seminars and speeches for anyone from the customer service rep to the techie computer geek.   Speaking on the topics of customer service and motivational and inspirational topics, Don povidess the tools, tips and advice to strengthen skills at work and in everyday life.

Don also has authored books on technology topics.  Two of his most recent books, “The Accidental Administrator: Cisco ASA Security Appliance: A Step-by-Step Configuration Guide” and “The Accidental Administrator: Linux Server Step-by-Step Configuration Guide“, are written for the Joes, Maureens and Emmys of the world.

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