Remember learning the painful lesson of sharing as a child? One local business is helping other businesses learn to share and saving them money in the process.

You don’t often see businesses apply principle like sharing. However, thanks to Stratus Rack some businesses are sharing with each other and saving handfuls of money in the process. Stratus Rack is helping businesses save money by allowing them to securely share web servers.

Businesses have no interest in sharing superhero toys and candy. Although sharing other things can save money. Stratus Rack uses virtual servers to help share business server hosting and save money. After all, saving money is much more fun than parents making you share your X-Men toys with your sister (she doesn’t even know who Magneto is).

Sharing web servers? Ok, so businesses don’t pool their allowances and go server shopping together, but two or more unrelated businesses often share a server.

How and why? It just makes sense. Hosting centers have impressive large and powerful machines providing dedicated servers. For small and medium sized businesses it doesn’t make sense to pay for what they don’t need. Stratus Rack partitions part of a server for each business. This is kind of like the imaginary line your parents drew down the middle of the car to keep you and your sister from bickering. The difference is with a virtual server you won’t even notice another business and they certainly can’t take your juice box.

A virtual server with Stratus rack is just like having a server to yourself except you don’t have to pay for what you don’t use. You get all the benefits of a dedicated server: a 100% uptime guarantee, low latency and a redundant data center.

Next budget meeting earn a few brownie points and save your company some money by suggesting your business go Dutch on Seattle virtual server hosting.

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