Coffee House Wall website screenshotSeattle is known for its coffee, its music, and its technology. One of the best places to see them all at once is in local coffee shops, where those colorful walls of event posters show what entertainment is happening at the moment. From indie bands to classical ballet, from summer festivals to Broadway musicals, coffee house poster walls present the choices in a beautiful, easy-to-read way. It was only a matter of time before someone sat down and said, “These walls are awesome, but how incredible would it be to put that wall online?” Al Scott, an ambitious Seattle entrepreneur, has done it with an amazing website called

The posters zoom onto a 3-dimension wall that you can scroll through, just as if you were standing in front of a poster display. But it does more: clicking the poster link takes you directly to the website of the event, so you can read more and buy tickets. We’ve used the site and its elegant simplicity and beauty make it incredibly easy to use — far more intuitive than event listings. What’s more, the site lets you select categories of entertainment – music, theater, readings, festivals – and see only the posters for those kinds of events.

If you’re putting on a show or exhibit, or your band is playing an upcoming gig, is a great way to get the word out. A newspaper listing or display ad reaches a large audience, but how many of them are interested in your rock concert? Coffee houses are great places to put up posters, but the exposure is limited. Typical online listings lack luster, with small pictures and not much description. puts your poster in front of an audience that’s looking for your kind of entertainment. Posting is as easy as sending in the jpeg file. has the visual pull you get by plastering a wall with your posters, and it has exposure simply unattainable with a physical location.

Next time you’re looking for things to do in the Seattle area, or looking to get your show more exposure, check out and see the best that Seattle has to offer.