When I was younger my friends and I loved playing a game called MASH.  With a little creativity and numbersDream Home it would predict who we would marry (I’m still waiting for Justin Timberlake to propose), how many kids we would have, how much money we would make and where we would live.  Sometimes my friends would list amazing options, and I would walk away marrying my crush, living in a mansion with 3 kids and very rich, but usually my friends were not so kind and I would find myself marrying a bum and living in a shack with our 34 kids.  Although I was disappointed at the time, as I look back I am eternally grateful that this game doesn’t have the ability to predict the future.  Not only because I would be mighty tired with 34 kids, but because I no longer want the same things I wanted when I was 13.  I don’t need to be rich, or to marry a superstar, and a twenty bedroom mansion isn’t what I dream about at night.  Instead I dream of a cozy home that as Goldilocks would say is not too big and not too small but “just right”.  The Northwest’s Lexar Homes delivers that “just right” house to families of all sizes.

Based in Centralia and with offices in Washington, Northern Idaho and Eastern Oregon, Lexar Homes is ready to come to you.  Unlike traditional housing contractors Lexar doesn’t build their homes in tight developments where every square foot is more expensive than a car and the backyards are too small to fit a barbeque in, instead you have the choice to either buy the land they’ll build your house on, or choose a home on a lot already in production.  Lexar Homes gives you the control to create and customize you’re home and choose your property size. Your closest neighbor could be 20 miles away, or 20 feet away, it’s up to you!

Lexar Homes also offers something traditional developments don’t offer, selection.  While developments may offer 3 or 4 different home designs Lexar has more than 20 home floor plans to choose from. From small homes to a home for a large family, Lexar has a home for everyone.

For those of you who are a little more visual, you can find virtual tours of most homes and detailed floor plans of all homes on the Lexar Homes website.  The virtual tours give you a chance to see what it would be like to walk through the house, from the front door to the kitchen, utility rooms, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms and the blueprints give you an idea of where each room is in comparison to each other.

For all of us looking to break free of the development but still wanting enjoy a great energy efficient new home, Lexar Homes is truly the best in the Northwest.  If you would like to learn more, visit the Lexar Homes website at www.LexarHomes.com