Trying to get your business into the social media scene but fear the time, effort, and the cost it takes to effectively run a social media campaign?  I am here to tell you that you can start doing it without taking your focus away from other important aspects of your business and run it by yourself without the need for expensive social media firms. Impossible you say? Take a peek at a small local Seattle business, Smart Service, and see how Mike Corbin, the owner, tackled this enormous task.

Smart ServiceMike wanted to utilize some form of social media, but was concerned with how difficult it was going to be to start up a campaign and then maintain it. He went to Cascade e-Commerce Solutions (CeSI) for help. CeSI informed Mike that blogging is a simple and low cost form of socially interacting with his market and is a great way of getting his business attention on the web. After a brief setup using WordPress, which CeSI helped with, Mike was ready to roll. After only a few short posts, Mike was receiving a steady amount of comments and questions on Subaru models, Subaru maintenance, and Subaru head gaskets. In fact, head gaskets turned out to be an extremely hot topic that generated a significant amount of buzz; the flood gates were opened! By responding to the reader’s questions and concerns, Mike quickly became an online go-to expert on Subaru head gaskets. Currently, Mike adds a couple of new posts per month to maintain his online status and readership in addition to creating potential new customers for his business at Smart Service.

With a small amount of help from CeSI, Mike has successfully implemented a social media platform that is simple to startup, quick and easy to maintain, and all at a very low price. Congratulations Mike! The key to his success was his helpful and timely response to his readership. Anyone can start a blog, but interaction with the readers is what truly matters. On that note, would you like to be considered for a spotlight story in our newsletter? Please let us know by contacting us at, see you next month!