Making a major purchase such as purchasing a home can be painful.  But it doesn’t have to be hard.  Joshua Mangels of Need a Mortgage aims to make the home buying and refinancing process as painless as possible.  Whether you’re a weathered real estate buyer or it’s your first time, Joshua explains each step in understandable terms, helping you get the best loan to fit your situation.

Joshua’s website offers up information and frequently asked questions and has an online form that allows you to schedule a phone consultation regarding your specific questions.  Below is some information to get you started.

Mortgages: “A mortgage is a loan secured by a property/house and paid in installments over a set period of time”, says Joshua.  It “secures your promise that the money borrowed will be repaid.”  Because there are different types of mortgages that offer different advantages to the customer, it is best to speak with Joshua to truly understand these differences.

Home Loan Types: There are many different types of home loans.  For example, Federal Housing Administration (FHA loans) aim to make housing more affordable, especially for first time home buyers, whereas jumbo loans are loans for amounts that are larger than most mortgage loan providers will cover and Veterans Administration loans are loans reserved for individuals who have served in the United States military.

Refinancing: Refinancing involves replacing current mortgages or loans with a new debt obligation that has different terms.  This change in terms may provide the home owner with additional cash to pay for college tuition, a home remodel or health bills or it may result in a lower interest rate or lower monthly payments or a shorter term to pay off the mortgage in a shorter amount of time.

With years of experience, Joshua Mangels has the heart and ability to offer the best option to every homebuyer.

To learn more about Joshua, mortgages, home loans or refinancing and how Joshua can help you go to or to request a phone consultation go to  If you want to hear more from Joshua you can read his blog by going to or check out his Facebook page