It takes guts to pursue your dreams. For every one person that drops everything, moves to Hollywood and serves burgers between auditions, there are ten others that dream of doing just that. For many different reasons most of us are content to let dreams live in our minds. Sheila Lengle is an exception, someone who wouldn’t give up on her dreams.

Sheila’s great passion is art. She had an environmental design business in Southern California in the 80’s. By the 90’s, Sheila had moved to Seattle, was on to her second art gallery, The ec’Collective Gallery & Studio Cafe and literally lived in the place. She was living an artist’s dream.

In the new millennium Sheila was confronted with a couple of those reasons why some people’s passions escape them. She needed open heart surgery in 2002. This would have been a big enough obstacle by itself, but Sheila also didn’t have insurance. She was forced to sell her gallery. Fast forward a few more years to 2008. She was diagnosed with cancer and had to run a gauntlet of treatments.

For a while Sheila had accepted these as reasons to surrender her dreams. Sheila says, “I had no passion or purpose in my life.” This was until she was motivated by her friends who inspired her and helped her realize that she needed art back in her life. She credits her friends and her art for giving her “a true sense of self again”.

Since last December things have been different. She is finding herself as a person and as an artist. Her art focuses on flowers because they contain the “verve” and “colors” she felt her life had been was missing.

Sheila describes herself as being “on the verge”, being almost who she is supposed to be. She has been doing all the right things to position herself for success: marketing, networking, participating in art walks and even getting her work in Alki Arts, a West Seattle art gallery.

Sheila believes that she is supposed to be making a living by selling her artwork. She doesn’t plan to be a starving artist either. She says half-jokingly, “What needs to happen is people must see my work, then buy it, then after that, buy more and tell all their friends about how wonderful it is.”

Ultimately Sheila would like to support herself with her art. That is the person she is supposed to be.
Artist Sheila Lengle

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