Since dentists rely so heavily on referrals it is essential for a dentist to have a solid reputation. However between patients and the business aspect of running a practice a dentist already has plenty to deal with. Realistically, a dentist is not going to monitor her reputation online while waiting for a patient’s anesthesia to kick in.

Many dentists make the mistake of thinking their work will speak for itself. Unfortunately the reality is that satisfied patients don’t often chime in on dentist reviews and ratings. There is some truth in the old adage, “no news is good news”. Those that are upset or angry are actually the ones most likely to voice an opinion.

One of the biggest challenges a dentist can face is building a reputation from nothing, or tougher yet repairing a tarnished reputation. While it used to be that a patient would only share their experience in the dentist’s chair with their close friends and family, modern technology now complicates the situation. Patients, or anyone else for that matter, can tell the entire world what they think of their dentist and her practice by posting comments on social media sites like Facebook or business review sites like Yelp.

Given the difficulty involved in constructing and maintaining a solid reputation it is no wonder that many dentists don’t find the time to get it done, or simply don’t know where to begin. This doesn’t mean however that there is no hope.

A local startup has taken on the task of defending the reputations of dentists with their innovative dental marketing solutions. The Seattle Company, Dentscape monitors dentists’ reputations.
Those dentists who have neglected their reputation online, and don’t even know where to begin can take advantage of Dentscape’s Reputation Radar service. Reputation Radar is a dentist marketing service that searches the internet for reviews of a specific practice and analyzes these reviews to give the practice a reputation rating. This notifies the dentist of reputation issues and takes a proactive approach.

If a dentist’s online reputation proves to have holes the dentist can secure Dentscape’s Reputation Builder.