A trip to the airport can be pretty crazy. The typical traveler has an hour or two of jumping through hoops before takeoff.

Wait in line. Get ticket. Wait in line. Remove shoes. Security pat down. Sprint to gate. Wait in line some more. Squeeze into middle seat.

And this is an ideal scenario. No travel day is complete without at least one “Oh BLEEP!!!” moment. Maybe you forgot about that nice bottle of wine you were carrying that you can’t get through security or maybe the kids’ stroller broke. You can quit chugging wine in the security line and your kids don’t have to run as fast as their little legs can take them.

Ken’s Baggage & Frozen Food Storage, Inc. helps SeaTac airport travelers with “Oh BLEEP!!!” moments every day. Almost 30 years ago two Port of Seattle police officers decided to give up the stresses of police emergencies to help people survive their travel emergencies.

Over the years Ken’s Baggage & Frozen Food Storage, Inc. has had a few competitors providing some of the same services, but none of them did enough to keep up with Ken’s Baggage. Their competitors didn’t know that in order to last they had to do it all. Ken’s Baggage is available for travel emergencies like last minute shipping, copies and faxes, cell phones, calling cards, car problems, a notary public and more. But Ken’s doesn’t only help with travel emergencies, or they might just be called Ken’s “Oh Bleep” Moments. In fact Ken’s offers services that the savvy traveler with a full passport and a diet of airplane peanuts will plan ahead to use. Veteran travelers plan ahead to use their services when hauling extra luggage. Cruise ships and fishing lodges refer travelers to Ken’s Baggage & Frozen Food Storage to transport and store perishable goods. Adventurous travelers with a long layover use Ken’s Baggage to store their luggage while they ride the light rail downtown to Pike Place and enjoy the Seattle sites luggage free.

If you haven’t been convinced to use Ken’s Baggage you can be late to get home because your car battery died, your kids can struggle with a broken stroller, your client can miss that fax, and they all might forgive you. Except when you put rotting fish in the overhead bin, no one will forgive you for that.

For contact details go to www.kensbaggage.com