Traveling with children? You may or may not realize the implications that come with bringing little ones on board. Here are 5 “I’m traveling with children” mistakes to avoid:
Red Eye Flights.
It might seem like a brilliant idea to save precious dollars by booking the redeye now, but you might realize you’re not quite the next Einstein pretty quickly when you wake up in the middle of the night to try and corral tired and grumpy kids.

Free Shuttle Rides. A family vacation may not be the best time to rope a friend into driving you to the airport. Travel can be tough on kids and subjecting your friends to stressed out kids is a surefire way to strain a friendship. When traveling with kids try simplifying things with reliable and convenient airport parking with shuttle.

50lb Bags. If your kids are struggling to drag their bags across the dirty airport floor as you rush to catch your flight they won’t be happy campers or you could end up carrying all the bags plus the kids. An easy way to avoid this problem is to do a practice run; try having your kids carry or wheel their bags around the house to make sure they can handle their luggage before you leave.

In Flight Boredom Blues. Traveling can be a real bore for a kid. Plan some fun. You don’t want to worry about your kid being restrained by an air marshal. Plan ahead for this with some activities or games. A kid’s travel pack is a great way to keep your kids occupied for a few hours.

Airplane Food (or the lack thereof).Save your kids from the airplane food. Plenty of kids can be picky eaters so beware. They will probably like airplane food even less than you. This is an easy problem to avoid. My favorite solution is to make traveling a special event for kids, break the rules for once and do the junk food at Burger King or a Frosty at Wendy’s. The airport has plenty of options in terms of dining so regardless of what you feed them, just make sure their bellies are full before bringing them on the plane.

Remember to adjust your travel plans for the little ones next time you travel; for the children, yourself, and the weary business traveler trying to sleep in the seat in front of your kid.